Game Projects

AUG 2021 - DEC 2022

Pogglewash is a 3D platformer in which the player lands on a mysterious planet and is tasked with cleaning up the land. I worked on the art content pipeline for this game acting as the technical support for the artist. It was on this project I started considering myself a technical artist.


I helped implement the animations for both the player character and the creatures known as the Pogglewonks. I also created material functions in Unreal to add pollution textures on top of objects utilizing material instances. I also created tutorials on how to modify the materials of the props to help set dressers modify the blueprints of our props.

AUG 2020 - APR 2021

Ransack Raccon is a 2D top-down game where you play as a raccoon in a mall, your main goal is to steal everything! This game was created on a custom game project made in C++. It was also the first project in which I collaborated with developers outside of my field of work such as artists and designers lending them support for anything that they needed.


On this project, I helped create the animation systems for our sprites which allowed the engine to read in sprite sheets for our characters and props. To make this easier I worked with our tech director to also have JSON implementation to make it easier for designers to import sprite sheets into the game. I also created the behavioral components of game objects which allowed developers to add game mechanics to game objects in an easier way.

JAN 2023 - MAR 2023

Short Term Hero

Short Term Hero was the final project I worked on while I was at DigiPen. It was a continuation of an AI research project I did in another class. Short Term Hero is a roguelike with tabletop elements with its main gimmick allowing the player to modify the die faces.


While I worked on the initial research project of the game, on this project I worked on the dice mechanic itself creating the class itself along with how it handles the die faces. I also created the implementation of the UI which allows the user to modify their dice from their inventory.